From Me to You

11 Jul 2018

Some of my free time over the coming weeks will be spent writing letters! In a world of text, emails and emojis, I love receiving a hand written sentiment, and after coming across Alison and Brian, I have found a brilliant reason to put pen to paper.


When Brian was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2010, his friend Alison offered to write letters to cheer him up. Over the next two years, as Brians cancer moved from Stage III to IV, Alisons letters kept on coming.


The letters became part of Brian's recovery process, while Alison discovered a passion for writing she never knew existed. 


Four years on, Brian is now cancer free, Alison is an author, and the two have a relationship that only the term 'best friends' can describe. The 100+ letters she wrote to him changed both of their lives and led to the creation of From Me to You!, a campaign to encourage people to write letters to friends, family and strangers who are suffering from cancer as a way to keep a connection, at a time when people feel most disconnected. 


At From Me to You, they run letter writing workshops, speak at events and festivals and campaign for people to discover the art of letter writing, specifically to cancer sufferers. Their website hosts writing tips and inspiring stories from letter writers and receivers.


Their Donate A Letter scheme allows people who want to make a difference through something as simple as a letter, to write anonymous letters to cancer patients in hospital and so brighten their day.  Writers from all over the world put pen to paper to connect with strangers and offer them a pure gift of kindness. The writers don’t know anything about the recipients other than they are in hospital undergoing treatment for cancer, the recipients don’t write back but the letters create a connection between two human beings. 


Veronica Farley recently received a letter while in isolation in hospital. ‘Once family had gone I was all alone except for the letter. I read it so many times over the three da