My London Marathon Journey (kind of!)

Oh my goodness! The sick feeling of seeing this land on your doorstep!!! Although I didn't officially see it until the day after it landed. October 2016, and I was enjoying a lovely birthday afternoon tea in London with my sister, when my husband text me saying I had a London Marathon magazine in the post! As a lot of you running folk will know, they only tend to send magazines now if you are in!

Now I don't really consider myself a runner, but the London Marathon is Bucket List material! After seeing my sister complete it in 2016 I told myself I had to do it one day, what an amazing achievement! I couldn't believe I had scored a ballot place! Runner or not, it was like winning the lottery and I was going to bloody do it!

But alas! November 2016, Dad was diagnosed with brain cancer, my whole world shattered around me, so I deferred to run in 2018.

November 2017 rolls round, and I am still not fully convinced I would be able to do this! But then a friend of mine scored a place through her running club, and I committed to complete the Marathon with her. So I now have a little over 5 months, to go from a complete non runner, to running a Marathon! Good God!

So I get focused! I don't have a training plan (too much pressure!) I just run! I run, and run, and run! Until one freezing day in February when I completed a 15 mile run - the longest run I have EVER done - and I then cant walk for a week :( A trip to A&E and a few physio sessions confirms my marathon journey is over for the year. Turns out I had ramped up the mileage too hard and too fast, and my ankle did not like it!

Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be for 2018, and I have now lost my ballot place, Boo! But I will not quit! I have applied through the ballot once again, chances are very unlikely, but I am determined to run in 2019, hopefully through my favourite charity :)

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