How Actively Giving was born!

My very first blog on Actively Giving! Eek! If you have read my 'About' page then you know my story. I hope as you get to know me and what I want Actively Giving to be about, then you can see it was born out of a true passion of wanting to help people.

Going through a cancer diagnosis has opened my eyes to so many organisations that support patients and families, and also of so many families which are raising money for treatments not on the NHS. Many of these organisations are small and independent, and rely very heavily on donations to be able to carry out the work they do. I am hoping this is where Actively Giving can do their little bit!

Sometimes I think that this is such a strange time to be setting this up, when we are in the last few months of my Dads life, but it has felt such a natural progression on the personal fundraising work I have been doing for the Brain Tumour Charity. My Dad has always been a successful businessman, and I hope I will make him proud!

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