ArcelorMittal Orbit Abseil!

So life can sometimes be a lot shorter than you think it may be, so my new outlook on life is to take risks, do things that make you feel alive and try not to care too much about what others think of you.

My first install of my new 'feel alive' outlook was to do a 282ft, free fall abseil off the ArcelorMittal Orbit tower in Stratford (seriously, who thinks of these names?) I completed this with a group of lovely people through the Brain Tumour Charity, one being the CEO of the charity, plus two of the ladies had brain tumours themselves! If that is not inspiration enough, I don't know what is!

This has got to be one of the most epic experiences I have ever done! Looking up at that ledge I would dangling off, from the floor, was truly terrifying! Out of 15 of us to go down, I was number 14 which didn't really help with the nerves! Chatting to the other people doing the abseil made you realise that nerves were nothing compared to what people were going through! One lady was there because her 5 year old son had a brain tumour, one lady had lost her husband a few years ago to a brain tumour and she now worked for the charity, another lady who I have become friends with, it was nearly a year to the day that her brain tumour was removed, after two years of mis-diagnosis!

Nerves are nothing! I got myself over that ledge, I had stunning views of London on a beautiful day, and I had my fabulous sister and lovely friends supporting me, and waiting for me at the bottom. I had the best day!

So I may now be a new born adrenaline junkie looking for my next rush!

Dont be scared! Take the risk! Feel alive!

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