*EDIT - you can complete this challenge over May or June, or a combination of both. If you submit at the end of May, your medal will be sent then. If you submit at the end of June, it will be sent then.


Embrace your inner Goddess and spirit as we step into the month of May. May is named after the Goddess Maia, who represents spring, growth and warmth. Lets start focusing on increasing our vitamin D in the spring sunshine. This month, we will be raising money for Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice. Choose from the usual options below or create your own challenge with the CUSTOM option.


Choose from either Miles:

10 miles

25 miles

50 miles

75 miles

100 miles

You can cover your miles with any exercise you like, running, walking, cycling, you can even roller skate it if you fancy!


or Minutes:

270 minutes (60 mins a week)

675 minutes (2.5 hours a week)

1,000 minutes (4-ish hours a week)

1,600 minutes (6-ish hours a week)


You will need a fitness tracker so you can log your miles, be it a FitBit, Strava, Map my Run etc. You can either submit screen shots, or keep a spreadsheet to log your miles or minutes.


You will need to create an account to be able to submit evidence. Create your account before you purchase if you want your challenge to show in the Challenges purchased section, and to access the step by step guides below.


For a step by step guide to submitting evidence through a laptop/computer, click here. 

For a step by step guide submitting through your phone, click here



It is just me on my own logging your miles manually. I have no snazzzy software to do it for me. If there is any possibility, to make my life a little easier, could you please choose the weekly or monthy view from your tracker.


Please join our lovely facebook group for chat and motivation, you can find us here . Any questions, feel free to email me at michelle@activelygiving.co.uk

The Goddess in You (May/June)