*EDIT* - Please do read the original listing below. However, due to the current situation I know thngs will have changed for a lot of people so these targets may go out of the window. The only goal I want you to aim for is to keep healthy, happy and sane. Still try and get out in the sunshine everyday, and if you are into your home workouts then perfect! Do not have these challenges as an added pressure, see them as a reward for looking after yourself and your family in the current situation, and we will still get to help the charities we are helping, as I am sure they will be struggling too!


Aprils challenge will see us waddling like beautiful Emperor Penguins :) Well maybe not so much waddling, but Aprils challenge is inpired by the long trek the penguins undertake to find food for their family. April marks the start of the Antarctic winter and breeding season, and we want this challenge to be all about Family. 


We will be raising money for a charity that has a simple mission, to ensure families going through difficult and uncertain times are gifted with memories they can treasure. We will be supporting Me & Dee, which you can read more about on the right hand side of the page.


Penguins travel between 31-75 miles to find food for their family. You choose to do the Penguin Trek and cover any distance between 31-75 miles. If you do not wish to do the Penguin Trekl, you have the usual options to choose from, including a CUSTOM goal. These challenges are all about you guys, having fun and meeting your own goals, so if there is not a challenge listed that suits, then make your own! 



Choose from either Miles:

10 miles

25 miles

50 miles

75 miles

100 miles

You can cover your miles with any exercise you like, running, walking, cycling, you can even roller skate it if you fancy!


or Minutes:

270 minutes (60 mins a week)

675 minutes (2.5 hours a week)

1,000 minutes (4-ish hours a week)

1,600 minutes (6-ish hours a week)



You will need a fitness tracker if you are logging miles, be it a FitBit, Strava, Map my Run etc. You can either submit screen shots, or keep a spreadsheet to log your miles or minutes. 


You will need to create an account to be able to submit evidence. Create your account before you purchase if you want your challenge to show in the Challenges purchased section, and to access the step by step guides below.


For a step by step guide to submitting evidence through a laptop/computer, click here. 

For a step by step guide submitting through your phone, click here



It is just me on my own logging your miles manually. I have no snazzzy software to do it for me. If there is any possibility, to make my life a little easier, could you please choose the weekly or monthy view from your tracker.


Please join our lovely facebook group for chat and motivation, you can find us here . Any questions, feel free to email me at michelle@activelygiving.co.uk

Penguin Trek (April)

  • me&dee charity was formed to create special moments and memories to both children and adults who have a life threatening, life shortening or terminal conditions.

    Maria Hanson MBE, the founder and CEO, wanted to prove that a simple holiday could provide a place where the families could share precious time. For the last seven years me&dee have provided memory holidays at the seaside in Mablethorpe on the beautiful Lincolnshire coast by way of two lovely spacious caravans based on the Grange Leisure Park.

    During 2019 they found that many of the families have been unable to enjoy a full week at the caravans in Mablethorpe. These are often young parents with limited time left or they have a child that is extremely poorly. As many of their families are Midlands based, 200-mile round trips from home are extremely demanding and often they need to return home early for treatment, palliative care or, sadly to die.

    For some time, Maria and Mark have been thinking of an alternative solution to the way the charity provides our memory holidays. 

    After visiting sites in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire they have found a place to locate a new holiday home, a lodge, that will be sited at Sherwood Hideaway, a place within Sherwood Forest on the Derby/Nottingham border.

    Once purchased the lodge will provide the families with somewhere to take a break from the routine of hospital visits, receiving treatment and the day too day routine that goes along with someone in the family being very poorly.