One Hundred Steps (April '21)

You asked so we delivered. After a little shift of the calendar, we are bringing you this medal of honour to remember the Legend, Sir Captain Tom Moore.


This medal design is based on the Victoria Cross, which the highest and most prestigious award of the British Honours system, adapted for our challenge for Sir Tom.


This will cover the month of April, to mark the year anniversary of when he completed his 100 laps and also the month of his birthday.


Lets make it count! He is proof that no matter how old you are, you can still have great adventures and inspire a nation.


Ideally you will base your challenge around the number 100. Whether this is 100 miles or km for the month, 100 mins of exercise a week, 100 burpees per day, the choice is yours. 


No evidence will be required for this special challenge and medals will be sent automatically towards the end of April. The money raised will go to a Veterans charity, yet to be decided.

One Hundred Steps (April '21)