Not all Heroes wear Capes!

*EDIT - This will be a new batch arriving at the end of July, and will be sent straight out on arrival. You do not need to submit evidence for this challenge.*


Lockdown Challenge! 


Let's show some love to our keyworkers, whilst helping us keep a bit of sanity during lockdown.


In support of all our key workers who are out there saving lives and keeping the country running, lets do our bit for them by staying home. For this challenge, I want your only goal to be keeping yourselves and your family healthy, happy and sane! 


Within government guidelines, get yourself out in the sunshine for some Vitamin D, get the blood and endorphins pumpng with a home workout, or take an hour for yourself to do some yoga whilst shutting the kids in their bedroom.


With the initial sign ups from March, we donated £1000 to each of the 3 charities below. All of them assist in helping the elderly and vulnerable, supports the NHS with their services to support the community and gets food and supplies to people. You can find out more by clicking the links below. 


National Emergencies Trust

Royal Voluntary Service

Age UK


For the new batch of July, we will be donating to PTSD999, who help emergency service staff with PTSD, which I am sure we will see a rise of at the moment. See this as a reward at the end of all of this, and wear with pride knowing we have done our little bit to help the NHS, the Supermarket workers, the Food manufacturers, the delivery drivers, the Royal Mail, the Police and Prison service, the Teachers, and many more.


Join our facebook group here to keep each other supported.


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We will be trying to keep our costs as low as possible to donate as much money as we possibly can. 





Not all Heroes wear Capes!