Get the kids involved this summer with our Summer Holiday Bingo challenge. Running alongside our Time to Roar challenge in August, the kids can earn their very own medal by getting out in nature and finding all the items on the bingo card. There are a couple of trickier ones to find, so hopefully an incentive to get them out and about.


They will earn the medal pictured, but they are very welcome to enter the Time to Roar challenge if they would like the Lion, just choose the Summer Holiday Bingo as the drop down option.


For this childrens only challenge, we will be donating all profit to Wicksteed Park. For those that havent heard of it, Wicksteed park is the oldest theme park in the UK, I have had some very happy memories there with my family, and they are at serious risk of not being able to open again after shutting for the lockdown. There are lots of people fundraising for Wicksteed to try and keep it open for generations to come.

Kids Summer Holiday Bingo (August)