Bee Kind (1-13 Nov '21)

This challenge is going to be a little bit different and a little bit special as we try to spread some magic and some kindness.


We are running this challenge on behalf of a very lovely little boy called Zachy. You can read about Zachy and the charity we are supporting for this on the right of the page.


Bee Kind will be celebrating World Kindness Day on the 13th November, so we will be starting on the 1st November and doing our best to 'Bee Kind' in different ways over this two weeks, but of course you can start before then if you wish.


We have 3 goals for this challenge:

1. Bee Kind to Yourself

2. Bee Kind to Others

3. Bee Kind to the Planet


We will have a honeycomb bingo card where you can fill in all your acts of kindness for the 3 options. The picture of the card is above, but I will put the editable file in the facebook group.


Some ideas you could do:


Bee Kind to Yourself: Have a screen free day, try some Yoga, go for a long walk, read a book, try something new that you have always wanted to learn


Bee Kind to Others: Leave some flowers on a neighbours doorstep, help an older person with their shopping, write a letter to someone staying in hospital ( This website is fantastic for doing that)


Bee Kind to the Planet: Try to eat less meat, go litter picking, find different options te replace single use plastic, walk instead of taking the car.


The options are endless and I look forward to seeing your acts of kindness.


Evidence will not be required for this challenge, and medals will be sent out at the end of the challenge, but I am sure everyone would love to see the magic being spread in the facebook group, which you can find here.

Bee Kind (1-13 Nov '21)

  • We will be running this challenge on behalf of Zachys Quest.

    Zachy is a 6 year old little boy with a big dream.  A dream to provide fun days out for seriously ill and disabled children to Merlin attractions through Merlin’s Magic Wand. He has rasied over £5,000 for them so far as a child ambassador, and has big ambitions to continue his fundraising.

    In 2019 aged just 4 Zachy completed an 11 mile balance bike ride from Coventry to Warwick Castle.  And following this in September 2019 he was made their first ever Child Ambassador.  In 2020 aged 5, Zachy rode 100 miles from Alton Towers to Warwick Castle over 5 days.

    Zachy and his Mum are regulars in the Actively Giving Community. Help us to help Zachy spread a bit more magic and raise money for Merlins Magic Wand