ACTIVELY GIVING is not just another virtual challenge company. Actively Giving is about YOU! Bringing together communities with a shared focus, to raise awareness and funds where it’s needed most. It’s about everyday people making a difference. Making a difference for yourself, your health and for others. Working together to keep each other motivated and accountable, working together to make a difference in people’s lives, futures and well-beings. Whether you are a beginner in your chosen field, or a fully-fledged athlete, make it count!



My name is Michelle and I am the founder of Actively Giving. Actively Giving was born from a very sad time for my family. In November 2016, my Dad was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma, or in simple terms, a very aggressive, non-curable brain tumour with a very short prognosis. To give me a bit of a focus, and as a coping mechanism, I threw myself into fundraising for the Brain Tumour Charity. Brain Cancer only receives around 2% of funding from Cancer Research UK, and The Brain Tumour Charity is one of the main charities which fund all the research into new treatments (and also provides support for families). Sadly we lost Dad just before Christmas 2018, but he kept smiling right up until the end and outlived his original prognosis.


In 2017 I organised a series of virtual challenges which helped me raise over £7500. The enjoyment I have received doing these, and seeing how our community kept each other motivated, has encouraged me to turn this into a professional set up. Unlike other companies, my focus lies in collaborating with likeminded charities, businesses and organisations to create bespoke challenges.  By doing this we increase awareness, raise vital funds for worthy causes and provide incentive and motivation for people through the form of exercise.


As well as fundraising, exercise has been a massive coping mechanism for me. It has, and continues to be, a really important factor in my mental health, as well as my physical health. And I hope to help other likeminded people with that too. 

Michelle x

5 Random facts about me!

  • I would love to think of myself as a runner but I'm not at all really! However I am a pretty good powerlifter, and can easily deadlift 112kg! That's 17.5 stone!

  • I have done a 262ft free fall abseil off the Arcelormittal Orbit at the Olympic park (read more in my blog)

  • I make really good cakes! Wedding cakes, novelty cakes and cupcakes.

  • I always wear odd socks. Who has time for pairing for goodness sake!

  • I am a Disney nut!